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Meet PJP

PJP is my new T1 bug, I bought it off a guy on volkszone (a good site for seconds hand beetles, parts and help). The previous owner had got the bug many years ago as a restoration project, as with so many of these things he started the work then for whatever reason got board of doing work on it (after replacing many of the panels) so passed the project onto his dad. A little more work was carried out before again his dad gave up with the project due to other projects on the go and the other half (don’t we know that feeling!). So on the 11/03/2006 i went to have a look at the car and there and then gave John (the dad) a bit of cash for it. As you can see from the original photos from John, the bug had been striped, the rusty panels repaired and then left pretty much. When i first met the car it was up in Essex, not owning a trailer or such I stuck as much of the parts from the bug into my 5 series (if you own a BMW then you know you don’t get a lot of room for large items). Even so we managed to get the 1200 beetle engine into the back of the BMW, it took 20 minutes or so, we had to remove the carb and the oil cooler then it was pretty much in (with only a few swear words muttered).

Saturday 18th 03 2006

Well It's back on my drive now, all the parts have been stripped out and it's ready for some antirust paint and underseal, that's something for next weekend


More details coming soon






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