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RC Relay Switches

Designed to allow control over on/off devices such as spinning disks, this unit takes a standard PWM RC receiver input and gives you an on/off output. The relays on the PRS1 circuit boards may be triggered from either a low PWM pulse by pushing your transmitter stick forward (under 1.4 ms) or a high PWM pulse by pushing your transmitter stick backwards (over 1.6 ms). You can also use the transmitter switches that are on some transmitters like the Hitec Focus 6 transmitter to activate the relay instead of a stick on the transmitter.

There are multiple versions of the PRS1 RC relay switch available, from a single receiver input channel which operates one relay to a double receiver channel input that can operate 4 relays.

In addition to this there is also a pre-programmed PIC available, so you can build your own circuit or customise the design to your needs.

Signal loss from the receiver:

If the PRS1 does not receive a valid input from the receiver within 40 ms from the last received signal all the relay outputs are turned off, hence if it's used for weapons control all the weapons controlled by the unit will be turned off within 1/25 of a second

This is yet to be confirmed but the relays on the PRS1 board should be able to handle up to 16 Amps per relay ouput. I plan to have a special edition of the PRS1 produced that will have bigger relays on, somthing like 60 Amp.

Power supply:

The actual power for the PIC and it's electronic components comes from the receiver battery, while the power that's used to drive your weapons or what ever you use the PRS1 relay switch for, comes from your separate power source (i.e. your main batteries)


Order code Description Price
PSR1-1 a single RC channel input with one relay output (16 AMP max output current) TBA
PSR1-2 a single RC channel input with two relay outputs (16 AMP max output current) TBA
PSR1-3 a double RC channel input with three relay outputs (16 AMP max output current) TBA
PSR1-4 a double RC channel input with four relay outputs (16 AMP max output current) TBA
PSR1-PIC a pre-programmed PIC N/A

All prices exclude P&P, P&P to UK mainland is 2.95 (please contact me for shipping to other destinations)









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